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2009-06-01 01:26 am

?! {journal move}


Okay, so I did something crazy while messing around with the layouts, so I'm moving to [personal profile] estrella/[personal profile] chibimoon for the moment.
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2009-05-31 03:43 pm



I can't figure out how to convert all those pretty thefulcrum layouts here. How are you all doing it!?
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2009-05-11 01:28 pm

busy busy

Haha, school just never gives you a break! I've got two papers to write this week and a very important midterm- Econ. I really need to do well on it, because I did horribly on the first one. Hopefully everything will get worked out!
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2009-05-04 10:23 am


So, last night, I had a burst of inspiration and created [personal profile] estrella, but at the moment, I'm really liking this username. Why am I so gosh darned fickle?

Well, whatever, I'll just go with it, haha. I rather like this site! I'm hoping that more people will get a chance to join and that the communities will grow larger at some point.

I also need to take pictures of my campus! Spring has finally sprung.
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2009-05-03 05:41 pm


Hi guys! It's kind of nice being at a site where you're part of the first wave of members. There are so many fun usernames available, so many people to meet still, invite codes, and all that good's kind of exciting! :)

So, for those of you who don't know me from LJ, I'm Priya. I'm 18 (but turn 19 in sixteen days!) and I am currently a freshman at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. I'm thinking about being an English/International Studies double major and I love music, reading, icon making, dancing, Winx Club, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and lots of other things. I am going to India this summer, so I will probably be posting all the shenanigans that go down over in [community profile] passports. My icon comm is going to be [community profile] fleur!

Comment if you think we have anything in common. I'm always up for new friends!